Too often the humble seem weak. The “proud” types, the “overbearing” people, they get the credit for being strong. They get the kudos for pushing things forward and getting things done.

We need that don’t get me wrong, we NEED people to stop talking and start doing, to GET IT FREAKING DONE!

All too often though, they people that “appear” to be getting it done, are not afraid to tell you how incredible they are and tell you over and over and over until finally, you start to believe it, regardless if there is any truth to it.

It’s not strength; it’s weakness disguised as strength. It doesn’t take strength to proclaim something. Anyone can say anything, what’s said has no real bearing on what’s truth.

What’s TRUE is what’s truth.

Our hyper influenced social media culture is far too easily influenced by the appearance of greatness, by the appearance of strength.

Meanwhile, real strength is very often disguised in humbleness. Doing the right thing no matter what and NOT proclaiming how great you were for doing the right thing is hard. Working day after day, week after week, doing the hard work, keeping to a high standard of honesty and ethics is hard.

The path of building relationships the old-fashioned way through love and investment is hard.?

The journey of doing what needs to be done, not because there’s glory, but because it’s what needs to be done is difficult, DARN difficult.

In a world where the least humble of us gets the most praise, notoriety, and actual monetary success, doing the right thing becomes very VERY challenging.

You know what though, it’s still the right thing regardless of how difficult it is.

Which are you? Are you strong?


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Strength is often disguised as humbleness.

Amazing valley deep in the Nevada wilderness on a backcountry road.

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