There are very few things that last forever, very few.

Truth lasts forever.

Once truth exists, it always exists, it never becomes untrue.

(yes yes, I sometimes know context or situations change i.e. it’s true your not low on gas in the car today, but after a week of driving that is no longer true).

The truth is true and always remains that way, regardless of anyone’s desire for it not to be true. “Yea Chris,” you’re thinking, “of course, if something is true it’s true.”

Trouble is in today’s society we are rapidly losing site of this. All too often people are quick to say “what’s true for you is true for you, and what’s true for me, is what’s true for me.”

This straight up foolishness.

Popular culture dictates that when dealing with someone’s feelings, emotions, personal beliefs, or desires; rather than confront with truth, we bend and comply with their beliefs, but since they are often in opposition to our own, we treat them as preferences or opinions rather than actual truth or false.

Why do we do this??

Quite frankly it’s because we’ve become weak. As individuals, we’ve become weak, as a society we’ve become weak, as friends, spouses, and especially parents, we have become weak.

We are so afraid of offending people we have left truth for falsities, we have marginalized what truly is because we are just too darn weak to stand up for what truth.

Truth is patient through; it waits, never changes, remains true all the while we put on our masks and pretend it isn’t so. Eventually, it comes out and reveals itself. It makes take time, a lot of time, it makes take many lifetimes, but truth doesn’t care, it will always, eventually, reveal itself.

It’s time to start admitting the truth; it’s time to start challenging the status quo, it’s time to start to holding each other accountable, it’s time to start holding yourself accountable.?


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Truth, it’s a patient beast, one with such strength and persistence it always arrives victorious

Sweet #backcountry #nevada road near #LakeTahoe outside of #reno”

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