Blind trust, faith in your fellow man, belief in the good of people. 

All foolishness in my experience. 

I’ve worked in many industries, public companies, non-profits, religious, and secular, and I have found one nasty thing to be constant in just about every situation. 

People will stab you in the back, screw you over, then tell the victory story to their friends afterward. All while enjoying a hearty laugh, patting you on the back and giving you the proverbial handshake with a wink and a smile.

It just tends to happen. It doesn’t always happen, but it does usually happen. It’s unfortunate, there’s no excuse, and it sucks. I mean it blows, but alas, it’s true. 

It’s part of human nature. It’s part of how the world works nowadays, how our environment shapes us, how the loss of absolute truth in our society has bred a “self-serving, lack of acknowledging the rules, lack of recognizing truth” culture.

It sounds crazy, and most try to deny and defend, but as a people, we have lost our sense of right and wrong. Ethics and morals now seem to be subjective based on the situation.

This is foolishness to be sure, but it IS the world we now live it. 

So what then, what do you “do” about that? Should you not trust anyone anymore, should you stop doing deals, hiring people, trusting business partners, stop altogether trusting anything or anyone?

To some degree, at least a little bit, I actually say, “yes, you should not trust.” 

However, I do believe regardless of my experience, what I’ve seen in our culture today, and frankly, what the world has become; we owe it to both ourselves and the world around us to continue to trust anyway. Continue to believe in other the other humans we share this world with, trust in relationships, and the good in people. 

We should continue to trust and belive, we should just do with our eyes wide open. Expectations set appropriately, and a good understanding of what possible, even likely outcomes may be. 

We “should” continue to believe though, we should continue to develop new relationships, and community. In fact, for the very reason that it might be hard to trust and do so, we need to do it. 

If we don’t, we risk slowly, (or not so slowly) slipping right into the heartless robotic fake social media-driven society we are already headed for. 

That my friends is a world you don’t want to live in. 

So trust a bit less, seek truth a bit harder, go into business, relationships and life with your eyes a bit more open and focused, but keep at it. You will find the gold out there, you will find relationships that matter, and you just might together with others, change the world. 


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram Post: 

Trust is a fleeting life companion, seek truth and lean on that alone.

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