There are times in life when you WISH the phrase “one step back two steps forward” was true.

Often it’s more like one step forward, 436 steps backward.

Our lives are full of examples of things not going smoothly. ?When “life” itself is messy and difficult without explanation.

Right perspective is impossible in the moment. It’s just not feasible to see everything for what it is while it’s happening.

Experience and wisdom come later; they bring perspective. Time passing teaches us so much about the journey of life. It teaches us that often what feels like the lack of progress or even the reversal of progress is exactly the right and best path to move forward.

We get so far ahead of ourselves.?

We get moving down the path we think makes sense, with our nice little blinders and a total lack of the perspective and wisdom that would tell us we are headed in the wrong direction.

Sometimes, in fact, often, a step backward is actually ten steps forward. The setbacks may be what you needed to learn, see, experience, or endure to truly make the progress needed.

The switchbacks on the trail of life are necessary to make it up the steep rocky hills, they seem so frustrating and unnecessary in the moment, but time, wisdom and experience will show you just how valuable they are.

Don’t be discouraged if you’re taking a few steps back every now and then, it’s likely the quickest way forward.?


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram Post:

Sometimes what feels like a step backward is actually the way forward

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