It’s hard to find. It’s clouded by perception. It’s looked over by comparison. It’s missed by distraction. It’s passed over by misunderstanding.

We don’t look inside to understand our purpose.

We look outside; we look at our neighbors, our devices, our televisions.?

We measure ourselves to standards of fake posts from perfect lives. We evaluate ourselves, and we don’t stand up.

We fall short, VERY short of what “should be.”?

Look at them; they have it together, they have it dialed. The overnight success, the perfect marriages, the wonderful children, the accomplishments, successes, and triumphs.

We adopt.

We adopt someone else’s purpose, it looks so sweet when they wear it. Look at what they have done, what they have, who they are. We should do that, it worked for them.

Except, it didn’t work for them, at least not in the way you may perceive it. It’s never an overnight success, the marriage is never perfect, and the children are never flawless. It’s just not how life works, it’s not how people are.

Not only that but even it if it DID work for them, they are NOT you. YOU are you.

You are unique, you have unique skills, talents, experience and wisdom.

We need you to be you, you need you to be you, your family and friends need you to be you. We need what you have, we need your passion to come out.

You DO have a purpose, it’s amazing, and it’s you, and we all need that.?

It’s time to stop trying to be “them,”?time to start being you. You might now know right now, it might be hard to find, and it might very well take a while.

Look deep inside, it’s probably hidden, you’ll have to look hard, but please find it. Find your purpose, embrace it, and take this life head on.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram Post:

Find your #purpose hidden deep inside and embrace it.
Maggie (15) Kayaking in Central Oregon #leadership #entrepreneurlife #centraloregon #bendoregon #bend #kayaking #getoutside

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