It’s right there. The easy choice is always right there, ready to be grasped.

It always seems to present itself as the obvious choice, the easy choice, which for many makes it the “right choice.”

Except it’s rarely the best choice. Sometimes yes, the easy choice IS the right choice, but it’s not often.

Starting that business – NOT easy.
Taking that class – NOT easy.
Teaching that class – NOT easy.
Having that difficult conversation – NOT easy.
Quitting that job – NOT easy.
Writing that book – NOT easy.
Making that life change – NOT easy.

But they are the right decisions, the best decisions.

I have found over and over in life the very best things are usually the most difficult.

I’ll admit, at times this truth is discouraging. Why does it have to be this way, why can’t the “right choice” be the “easy choice?”

No clue, I wish it was that way too…

But, it’s not, so deal with it.?

Seriously though, it’s not that way. Being honest when it hurts you, holding yourself to a higher standard of ethics and morality, taking that leap of faith to do what needs to be done, or say what needs to be said. NEVER the easy path.

Why do it?

Well, most don’t. That’s one good reason TO make the hard choices. You’ll be with good company and a small few.

It’s also the right thing. Life is not meant to be easy, by the time you’re five years old you’ve figured out that life’s not fair either.

Doing what’s right, is about DOING WHAT’S RIGHT. More often than not, you’ll have a chance to cut some corners, to let those ethics slide just a bit, and no one will be the wiser.

Except YOU will. You pride yourself on being someone that you can count on, someone that people can and do depend on. Why don’t you hold yourself to your own standard?

It’s time to reach beyond what is easy, it’s time to take the risks you should be taking, keeping the promises you should be keeping, making the hard, but right decisions.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram Post:

Reach beyond what’s easy.

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