We are busier than we have ever been.
We love being busy.
We are proud of our busy.

Up early, no time for breakfast, off to the office.
10 hours straight of meetings, calls, whatever.
Hit the clock, out the door, sit in traffic.
Get home, grab little Johnny, get back into the car, soccer practice you know.
Grocery store, post office, gas station.
Back home, a quick bite to eat, Netflix, football, youtube, whatever.
Bed late, wiped out, unable to sleep…

Did you talk to my kids today for more than 2 min? Did you connect with your spouse, what did you actually do all day while you ran around frantically from one thing to the next?

Fall asleep, then do it again.

Why? Why do we fill our schedules with so much; do we really believe the badge of busyness worn so proudly is as wonderful as we make it out to be?

My youngest taking in all the fresh air blowing off Lake Tahoe

Why do we do all the things? Why do we fill all the minutes?

It’s time we spent more time with those we care about. It’s time we slow down, it’s time we embrace the simple joys in life and take some much needed deep breaths.

Who are those you work so hard for? Who are those that drive you to get up every day going at it with 110%? Who are those you would risk your life, give your life for?

Start spending that time WITH them, not just FOR them. Trust me little Johnny would much rather have that time with his dad, then the shiny new bike. Yes, little Johnny might be too young now to realize it, he might even tell you he would rather have the bike, but geez, did you forget little Johnny is 7? He doesn’t yet know the value, the sacrifice, the joy of long walks in crisp evenings holding hands and talking about life’s wonders, little Johnny is only 7 once, no second chances at 7.

He needs you to teach him, he needs you to teach yourself.

Not as soon as you get the promotion, as soon as the project is done, as soon as we move to the new house, or buy the new car.

Now, freaking RIGHT now,?you and little Johnny both need it now.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BIBGUzDgnRa/

Take time to breathe in all life has to offer! #behnkeadventures #laketahoe #purpose #tahoe #entrepreneurlife

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