So few, so very few step out in faith.
Past their comfort zones, past what’s expected, past what’s reasonable.

Most often they get burned, those that step out. Usually, they take the leap and fall flat on their face.

Sometimes though, they fly, sometimes they take the leap, spread their wings and lift off the ground; to the amazement of both themselves and everyone around them. The wind picks them up, and they astound, astonish, and amaze.

It’s not often though. It’s not often because so few try. So few risk.

Those that do, those that take the leap of faith, and fly leave their mark on the world forever. They are the changers, the difference makers, the people that save lives, cure diseases, create jobs, invent things, create art, write incredible stories, they create an impact far reaching beyond their own lives.

There are so few. We need more. We need more risk taking, less hedge betting.

Those standing on the shore will never know the incredible opportunity that lies across the sea.

What about you? Do you need to risk a bit more? Do you need to step out in faith and

Do that thing?
Make that call?
Take that job?
Quit that job?
Make that move?
Have that difficult conversation?
Do that work?
Start that company?

Why are you still waiting? Why have you not taken the leap?


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Step out in faith.

Aerial shot over an incredible valley south of Lake Tahoe, in California. #laketahoe #tahoe #purpose #faith #entrepreneur #behnkeadventures

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