There’s an odd thing nowadays, people want a grand adventure with none of the risk. They want to travel to exotic places, start amazing companies, work in incredible non-profits, and change the world, and they want to do all that from the comfort of zero risk.

Adventures by their very nature are risky. They would truly not be adventures without the inherent danger of doing something “adventurous.”

Why do so many feel they deserve adventure? 

I suppose they see it around them everywhere. Our GoPro empowered social media inspired lives of ‘one-upmanship’ create this environment. 

The hard times and endurance are never praised, never shown. The ugly side of the adventures are never illuminated. 

Why? Because they are ugly. They are hard, discouraging, and nonglamorous.

The ugly hard underbelly of the adventures are what actually make the adventure so wonderful though. The view from the top is magical mostly because of the incredible journey required to arrive at the top. Sure, taking the easy road there still affords you a beautiful view, but it’s nothing compared to the view when truly earned the old fashioned way through sweat, tears, and perseverance.

Don’t envy the person that inherits a company, or money, or is given something wonderful. Go EARN your own, I’m certain, you will enjoy your accomplishment far greater than they every will. The hard work & risk sweetens the victory 10 fold. 

Adventures are meant to be risky after all. 


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post: Adventures are meant to be risky, that’s why we call em adventures!

Adventures are meant to be risky, that’s why we call em adventures!

Love this shot deep in Columbia County in the #Oregon #BackCountry

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