There’s a path, an approved path pushed on us from about five years old on. 

It goes like this:
About six years or so; learn to read early, do good in school, stay out of trouble and pay attention during class, sit still and be quiet. Dream big you can be anything.

About 14 or 15; stop dreaming, be realistic, what college are you planning on going to? Get good grades, stay out of trouble, sit still and pay attention in class. 

About 17 or so; how many and how good are the schools you applied to, forget the cost, the “college experience” is worth it. Make sure you go to a big school with a  big name, keep commitments small, relationships loose, don’t get serious, you’re too young to think about marriage or anything long term, experiment, find yourself, live for the now.

 I love this shot @ alicebehnke  took of my makeshift office while traveling through #yosemite
I love this shot @ alicebehnke took of my makeshift office while traveling through #yosemite

About 23 or so; don’t get that job yet, take a year or 3 and travel around the world, experiment, live for the now, you can live at your parent’s house for now, don’t worry about money, don’t worry about your college debt of 120K, someday you’ll get a fantastic job to pay for it. 

About 28 or so; you might want to start looking for a spouse, time for that nice car, nice house, nice clothes, nice job, don’t worry about paying down that debt, get that dog, don’t worry about kids, you’re not ready yet. 

About 34 or so; could be time to have that 1.4 kids, you don’t want to be too old, you also might want to consider just keeping the dog, it’s kinda like a “kid” anyway, and a whole lot less expensive and less of a commitment. Don’t forget; you might need to upgrade that car, house, and such as well.

About 40 or so; still paying that college debt? No worries, just refi that house a second time to help pay that down payment on the boat you’ll never use because you have no time for your 60 hours a week job. After all, you need to pay for all the programs your kids are in, might be time for another home and car upgrade; some of your buddies from college are doing pretty darn well about now, don’t be left behind.

About 70 or so; you wish you would have had more time with your kids, your spouse, the life you should have lived, the priorities you should have had. Why did you miss it, why did you think all the stuff, the degree, the job, the house, the car, was so important. In an effort to have a life, you missed your life.

The world says “Your worth is reflected in your position and your possessions.” 

This is wrong, no one was laying in bed at 95 wishing they spent more time working, earning, and buying. They wish they spent more time investing in the relationships that matter, the time they spent actually living. 

Don’t run from commitments, don’t run from relationships, don’t run from living. 

Run from the status quo.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram Post:

Ignore status quo!
I love this shot @alicebehnke took of my makeshift office while traveling through #yosemite 

#9to5 #suits and a demanding #boss are not #success
#freedom of #time IS!!!!

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