It’s a fast moving train you know; you need to grab on tight and don’t let go. It’ll be scary sometimes, exhilarating others, and painful as well.

Don’t let go. No matter what, Don’t let go.?

Hold on to the little moments with those you love. Embrace the simple joys, the quiet moments, the smiles, the laughter, oh the laughter. Enjoy the laughter.

Those little investments into the relationships around you, into the life you have, will always have the greatest ROI. Greater than any business deal, investment, or opportunity.

My youngest living life to the fullest in Central Oregon

The memories you make with the people you love will never be regretted by them or by you.

In the moment the decision to spend time on one thing or another is ?hard, the right choice fuzzy. Clear paths blurred by your inability to see the big picture through the mess of a busy life where everything competes for your attention.

Resist the temptation to fall into the trap of more stuff, and shallower relationships.

Ignore the emails a bit more often, and take more walks with kids, friends, your spouse.?

Ignore the deadlines a bit more often, and make more memories, take more adventures.?

Live life a bit more, and laugh a LOT more.

Remember, time goes by quick, REALLY freaking quick, make sure you’re holding on tight, and enjoy the journey.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Time goes by quick! Make sure and get out there and hold on tight!
Mercedes (7) kayaking at #sparkslake in central Oregon! #bendoregon #bend #pnw #pnwonderland #pnwlife #getoutside #purpose #entrepreneurlife

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