These may be the two most important factors in the success of a business. They may also be two of the most overlooked, under-appreciated, and least praised factors.

Momentum is critical to success, critical to sales, acquiring new clients, critical to the development of new software, new products, and innovation.

There are few things as powerful as the momentum of a team on a project. When things are working, people are collaborating, stuff is happening, progress is being made. Disruptions to that momentum can not only slow down progress, but often it can even reverse it!

Momentum is built on persistence, without persistence there is very little chance of crating momentum.?

This is true at every level, from the neurons in your brain, to the mundane exercises of daily work, to the inter-workings and relationships of a team, even the collaboration and complexity of a massive fortune 500 company. Momentum MUST scale at every level to achieve the most effective production possible.

Backcountry roads deep in the forest of southern Oregon

No matter what your level, it starts with you. You could be a soloprenuuer or the CEO of a massive company, It still starts with you.

Your persistence builds your momentum, which in turn propels your operational effectiveness.

How are you doing? Are you distracted? Are you honest about your real effectiveness? Even the very best of us have so much room to grow.?

Take some time today to think through what’ things are preventing you from persevering, from that consistent effort that creates the powerful momentum required to do the amazing things you want to do.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

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