If you’re like me, you worry far too much, far too often.?

Worry about the deals you’re working on, company finances, businesses you’re involved with, and the direction they are headed.

Worry about the relationships in your life.

Worry about finances, time passing too quickly, your family, your friends.

You worry about doing too much AND doing too little.

You freaking worry about how much you worry, geez.

For me, this comes from an overwhelming need to accomplish, to provide, to move, to grow, to always be making forward progress.

Trouble is the worry does nothing, NOTHING, nada, zip, zilch, nothing.

Road trips through the Redwoods in California

The only thing the worry does is distract. I think most of us know this truth, but we go about our lives and worry just the same.

Only time will tell, only time passing will prove out one outcome or another.

Only time has the power to determine.

Time is an amazing thing, so limiting, so constricting, it holds us accountable; not one person can escape the grip time has around us.

This simple truth is why time is empowering. The reality that time is out of your control gives you the freedom to not worry, instead focus on what matters, what’s important, get those priorities figured out and do them.

After all, you have no ability to change what will be, all that energy, mental effort spending worrying will ultimately do nothing.

Only time will tell.


Chris Behnke

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