Most of us hit about four years old and start to realize not everything is going to go our way in this life. The brutal slow realization that the world just isn’t fair begins to set in, and it sucks.

At that early age, we start to get a taste for the trials we are going to face our entire lives. The best parents work hard to use every difficult situation, every “that’s not fair” as an opportunity to teach their child something. Sometimes the lessons are grand and blog worthy, but often the lesson is simply “I’m sorry,– that sucks, but life isn’t fair.”

So we grow, we struggle, we experience things in life that are difficult, and we learn, it’s a straightforward and effective approach that all humans share.

The incredible Alice and Mandie her doggie on Sparks Lake

As we mature into adults all too often we forget to learn from the trials. We forget that every situation, both good and bad, is a perfect opportunity to learn something new. Some of the worst most painful times of your life will be, if you let them, powerful experiences of preparation.

In fact, in my life, most of the times of great struggle, defeat, and failure were absolutely critical to my ability to succeed at something later in life.

The skills necessary were built during the difficult time.?

?Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward.?

? Vernon Law

Experience and wisdom are that way right. You learn by doing, by experiencing, by trial and error. There is simply NO shortcut.

This truth of life is why it’s so important to embrace when things are going well.

Learn from the trials, but enjoy the good times.?

Sometimes the pendulum swings the other way too far, and we can find ourselves very focused on “learning and growing, leveraging every opportunity” but we forget to enjoy our lives.

We can easily forget the simple joys of life, the relationships of the people that matter, and spending time just laughing and NOT learning and growing.

I know many people that actually experience guilt over laughing, relaxing, and spending time with those they care about.

They will tell you time is short, there is no time to waste, you must do everything with a purpose.

To a large degree, I agree with this thinking, but they are forgetting the very purpose for life, they are missing the relationships and the people around them.

There has never been a person on their death bed that said, “I really wasted a lot of time spending time with the people that matter to me, laughing and experiencing life together” NOT ONE. There are however many (maybe even most) that WISH they could have spent more time with the people that mattered to them.

It’s important to learn, and it’s important to embrace the good times.?


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Learn from trials, embrace good times.

Beautiful @alicebehnke and Mandie Kayaking on Sparks Lake in Central Oregon.

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