Hour after hour, day after day, month after month, year after year.

It’s hard, freaking hard to keep going day after day when things are hard when you’ve hit the inevitable desert of your journey. The natural most common thing is to give up, just quit, throw in the towel.

No one will hold it against you if you quit after all the journey is long, far longer that what’s reasonable by today’s standards.

Quitting is the natural path, the normal way. Which is WHY you MUST not give up, you must NOT give in; you must remain steadfast, vigilant, and persistent.

Flying the Cirrus over Paulina Peak in Central Oregon LOVE this route.

Of course, there are many reasons a start-up or any business really may fail. In my experience though, the overwhelming majority of the time it’s due to lack of persistence. The founders are almost never willing to put in the effort and the work to take their business where it needs to go. To put in the hours to put the grueling, nasty, thankless effort that only another fellow entrepreneur will understand.

It sucks, but it’s what’s required. Persistence BEYOND what is reasonable, BEYOND what others are willing to invest.

This is one of the reasons so many fail. A simple lack of the “get it done no matter what it takes and no matter how long it takes.”

If you’re in the thick of it, be encouraged, stay true to your purpose, keep pushing, and don’t give up. Your persistence WILL be your differentiator.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BD_R_mFrtN-/

#Persistence is the single most important differentiator between success an failure. Enjoying the amazing view at 9k feet Paulina Peak Oregon #leadership #hustle #entrepreneur #purpose #pilotlife #thisiswhyifly #pnwonderland #cirrussr20

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