There’s really no way of knowing what’s really around that next corner.

You have to go down the road and around it to know for sure.

To experience the unknown and make it known.

The reality of life is that every corner is a hidden mystery, an opportunity, or a problem, a failure, or a success, a victory or a defeat.

Some little backroad deep in Oregon (near my hometown)

You won’t know until you try; until you take the risk and get out there and see what’s in store for you.

You “could” do like most. You could just sit in fear and not try, you could just wait right where you are, where you know what to expect, and what’s expected, there is little risk.

You could, but you shouldn’t.

You “should” do like very few and go. Go and explore. You should travel down the road, right around that next corner, the one you can’t see around, the one in which you have no idea what waits.

So many don’t ever try, paralyzed by fear they stop, settle in and never try to find what the world has in store for them. They never discover their “why,” they never learn what they could have learned, do what they could have done, or lived how they could have lived.

They stay comfortable.

Don’t stay comfortable. Don’t settle for “ok” when “incredible” might just be around the corner. You owe it to yourself to find out, do a little exploring and just see what’s waiting for you.

You’ll not regret it I promise.?


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

What’s around the next corner?

Awesome back country roads near my hometown #vernonia #oregon are always fun to explore!

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