Some days are dark, dreary, and discouraging.

We tend to focus on those days, inevitably throwing ourselves little pity parties over how hard and challenging our lot in life has been. To be sure, life can, does and will again be difficult, it’s part of the human condition to face and endure many struggles.

Why though? Why focus on the negative.

Why dwell squarely in the middle of misery, doubt, and discouragement?

? If nothing else it’s totally counterproductive.

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More than that though, it’s damaging. Unnecessary stress, worry, conflict, all over what’s often totally out of your control.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our misery that when good times do come, we miss them altogether. Our constant “poor me” focus can truly cause us to miss something wonderful; an experience of light and joy that we don’t recognize simply because we are working so hard to feel sorry for ourselves.

How would your life be different if you simply did your best to learn from difficult times, then moved past them, put all your focus and energy into what was good in your life?

What if you spent more time counting your blessings?

We live in a culture that has forgotten how difficult things can actually be. Think about what your life would have looked life if you were born China in the 1950s, or Ukraine in the 1930s. Yes, your life is hard sometimes I don’t want to belittle that but have some perspective.

Gratitude is a powerful motivator.

Spend a little less time worrying about what you can not control. Spend a little more time taking action of what you can control.

Spend a little less time feeling sorry for yourself over all the crap you’ve been dealt and a little more time basking in the light of even the simplest joys.

You’ll not regret it.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Bask in the light, capture the moments.

Make sure you capture the moments as memories, they can slip away quickly.

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