You have two options, make moves or make excuses.

Every single person on this earth no matter where they are born, what the color of their skin is, what socioeconomic status they have; WILL have trials in life.?

Yes, some will have more struggles than others, but as humans, we share the common reality of facing difficulties in this life.

My daughter snapped this shot deep in the Oregon forest

There are only a two ways of dealing with the trials as they come. Facing the problem head on, dealing with it the best we know how, and trying to rise above it. Or, avoiding the decisions, pretending it doesn’t exist, and or blaming on someone else or the circumstances surrounding us.

Basically, we can attempt to rise above, or we can blame and avoid.

The easy and the most natural response is to, of course, shift the blame to the nearest likely suspect. It’s a rare person indeed that owns it.

Embracing the trials is really the only way to growth, it’s the only way to learning from the mistakes, and it’s the only way to wisdom.

If you’re like most, it’s probably time to do a little less blaming, and a little more embracing. It’s time to work through the tough times from the point of understanding and realization that you WILL grow, you WILL learn, you WILL become wiser and a better person because of it.

It’s gonna be tough, but as the inevitable trials arrive, embrace, learn and grow.?


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Rise through the trials.
This little plant reminded me that sometimes the smallest accomplish the impossible!
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