Prove they are the selfish fools with your actions.

They speak louder than words.

Actions. So powerful.?

The person who says they will do this or that, tweeting, posting, chatting, snapping, tumbling and such is a very common thing indeed.

The person who actually DOES what they say is a very rare thing indeed.

So much talk, so little action.?

We drive it though; it’s partly our fault. We have all collaborated in creating this social media driven culture we now have to live in.

We did this, us, it was us, we created the monster.?

Increadible sunset captured from a fire watch tower in Yosemite

You don’t have to succumb to it though. You can resist, you can rise above the stupid BS and see it for the hollow foolishness that it is.

Now don’t get me wrong, social media is very powerful, very useful, and I leverage it every day. It has in many cases brought people together, even saved some lives. It’s also torn people apart, perpetuated greed, lust, envy, and a lot of foolish nasty, destructive things. It’s even encouraged some pretty freaking serious crap.

As humans, we are always going to create amazing tools that are wonderful and horrible at the same time. We have a long history of doing it for thousands of years, we’re not stopping anytime soon.

The thing to remember is “people” (those around you that don’t really KNOW you, but the see you now because of this hyper-connected world) are gonna hate that you succeed. They are gonna be jealous, they are gonna judge, they are gonna give you their nasty unwanted opinions.

The more you rise to the top, the more crap you’re going to get.?

You have two choices: let it bother you, or don’t let it bother you.?

Frankly, listening to it, taking it into account AT ALL is an unneeded and unnecessary distraction from your work.

My advice is always the same on this one, don’t listen, don’t care, but don’t be a jerk either. Press on, doing what you do, make the world a better place and be totally awesome while doing it. The haters gonna hate, so what, who cares, just keep proving them wrong.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

With more #success comes more #haters, prove they are selfish fools with your own success… 🙂 #entrepreneurlife #hustle #leadership #hatersgonnahate #entrepreneur

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