Just as he acted as the shepherd of his flock, Christ commanded his followers to try to live up to their duties to each other and their communities. As part of that role, a Christian man in the modern age is responsible for protecting the welfare and happiness of his coworkers. It is impossible to live in the best possible world without people caring for each other. Below are a few helpful tips for becoming more Christlike in your own workplace, whether that is in an office or on a construction site.

Be Uplifting

While work can sometimes be monotonous and even boring, the scripture reminds us that work is good for our bodies and souls. Be the person in your group to put the joy back into the job, by making jokes or singing hymns to pass the time. Work is a part of life. Indeed, as found in John 5:17, Jesus himself works. He admonishes believers to bear the weight of work with grace. Therefore, do not despair at your burden of work. Instead, celebrate it. Never shy away from encouraging yourself and your coworkers to keep going as God commands.

Look Out for Others

Throughout the Bible, the Golden Rule, which tells us to treat others the way that we would like to be treated, appears in many forms. Deuteronomy 24:14 commands followers of Christ to treat all coworkers with compassion as brothers in Christ, regardless of their status. From the lowest paid worker in your company to the CEO, all deserve your love as a Christian. In fact, the most vulnerable among us require the most protection. Keeping an eye out for workplace bullying and refusing to ignore it helps protect everyone.

Practice Kindness

Try to create an environment of respect and love. Speak well to others. As James 4:11 (CEV) says, “My friends, don’t say cruel things about others!” Just as important as speaking well, practice kindness to one another. If you have the ability to help your co-workers with a challenging project, then take on that extra responsibility.

Living together as Christians is one of the callings we must oblige. To navigate our way through life while honoring the will of Christ, we have to learn how to get along, using the Golden Rule as a guideline. As part of a Christian community, we are all responsible for one another’s well-being, spiritual wholeness and health.

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