Dreams. We all have dreams.

Lazy afternoons on the Oregon coast

Dreams of a future life where things are good, change is happening, differences are being made, where what you do seems to be in perfect alignment with what you love, and who you are.

Dreams will always be just dreams without deliberate action.?

However, taking action to accomplish your dreams is scary. Taking action means that you?ve decided to make a move to work towards achieving those dreams.

Until you take that step a dream is just a dream, it?s something nice, something far off, something fuzzy, but comfortable.

Taking action is not fuzzy, it?s not comfortable, and it means you?ve decided to try, and once you try, it means you might not succeed.

See, when dreams are just dreams, no one ever questions them, no one questions you, or your ability to reach your dreams because after all, they?re just dreams.

Start working to accomplish them and suddenly you have the opportunity to fail, the fear can set in and paralyze your good intentions.

Fear is a compelling motivator. Fear controls most people to a degree they will likely never even realize. Fear is paralyzing, it molds self-image, it influences decisions, it triggers memories, and inhibits progress.

Because of that, most simply just dream. Most do not ever take action. It?s the natural path, it?s the common path, it?s the path of least resistance, the path of worn patterns of behavior, but it?s the wrong choice.

The right choice is to embrace the dreams, embrace the work to accomplish them, and move past the fear holding you back.

Do you want to look back on your life and realize that the real reason you never did accomplish your dreams was only because you never tried? What kind of life is that, what kind of person would you be if you never even tried.

Trying and failing will always be better than never trying.?

Are you going to be like most and be satisfied letting your dreams remain just dreams? Or are you going to get off your butt and take action?

It?s time to take that next step, it?s time to take action to accomplish what most will not.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Action is always the step required to transform dreams into reality

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