There really are no days when you shouldn?t be ready to go, ready to dive in, ready to take the world on, ready to handle whatever crap the day throws at you.

Love spending time in Central Park one of my favorite places on earth.

The minute you slack off is right when you?re gonna be blindsided by all the stuff you didn?t expect.

Often times when you least expect them the most incredible opportunities present themselves. They show up if you’re ready they are yours for the taking, if you?re not, you lose out. It?s just that simple.

There are always a few that ARE ready, standing by with eager anticipation of opportunities right there for the taking when they are most willing to take them.

There are always the masses, oblivious and drifting, and totally NOT ready to take them.?

Which are you? Are you dialed and ready, patient and looking, or are you lazily waiting for someone or something to do it for you, to kiss your ouchie and make it all better?

There?s a small window, you?re here on this green earth just a short time, and it?s important you?re ready to go when opportunity knocks, are you gonna be sleeping or are you gonna be standing there with a smile on your face, and your hand out ready to shake on that once in a lifetime opportunity.

ALWAYS be ready!


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:


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