It?s a mess these days. Truth.

I love trying to capture just a small silhouette of the incredible beauty that surrounds us everyday.

People have forgotten what truth really is. They have sacrificed the reality of absolute truth and replaced it with a cheap substitute. Truth has become relevant, it?s become opinion. Truth is true only if it feels true, only if it aligns with my beliefs, only if it?s convenient to my overall wants and desires.

Trouble is, all that truth based on feelings, wants, and opinions is just not truth

Truth is true, it?s just fact, it?s not negotiable, it?s not based on popular opinion, it?s not something that changes over time, it?s just simply TRUE.

It?s time we got back to truth. It?s time we got back to admitting when something is true even when it?s inconvenient, even when it?s hard, even when it totally goes against our agenda.

It?s time we started to embrace truth for what it is, to share it, to proclaim it, and to stop fooling ourselves with all the half truths we tell ourselves.

It?s time we took ourselves seriously, and stopped lying to not only the world around us, but also to ourselves.

Let me be clear though, this will not be easy, the world doesn?t work on truth anymore, it will be hard, but it will be right. Doing what?s right and true will always be hard, but it?s still right and true.

Always capture truth.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Always capture truth.
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