Our hyper connected world has become the cause of great loneliness. Social media is often the least social way of interacting with the people you care about. It?s a poor substitute for real relationships, for real discussion.

A poor substitute for real adventures.

The Landcruiser in it’s natural environment on #mtbachelor #oregon

When was the last time you called up a good friend, (not texted) and asked them if they would like to grab a cup of coffee, lunch, or just go for a walk? When was the last time you grabbed that friend and went on an adventure?

Why? Why have we disconnected so much in our ultra connected world? What happened to breakfast with a buddy, or road trips with friends?

It?s time to get back to good old fashioned relationships. It?s time to call up that person you know you need to call and just ask them to breakfast, coffee, or maybe some grand adventure. It?s time we started investing more in people and less in Netflix binges. It?s time we started to look past the material ?things? we feel we need and instead focus on real relationships with real people having real conversations.

It?s time we started making more memories, taking more adventures, having deep conversations and long walks.

Who do you need to call? Call them today, right now, not tomorrow, it doesn?t matter if it?s too early, too late, or whatever. Call them right now, start investing, you?ll never look back and regret the time you invest in the people you love and care about.

Make sure you?re always ready for an adventure with a good friend, go on, make the call, take the adventure, and when you do make sure you take a freaking ton of pictures and make memories.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BRrxVNGDFKD/?taken-by=chrisbehnke

Always ready for an adventure with a good friend

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