We get zoned in, dialed up, focused 100% on our objective.

Great little hike up to be top of #yosemitefalls .

We should right; we need to be really focused on what?s important to ensure the best chance of success. Distraction is one of the most powerful detractors from accomplishing what you want to accomplish.

So we put our heads down, we put our blinders on, we tape our goal with a virtual post-it note right on the forefront of our minds, and we work. We push, we strive, we go go go, we don?t let anything distract us from what we know we need to be thinking about, dwelling on to reach our destination!

Except sometimes it’s important to stop, take a deep breath and take in the view.

One of the best parts of the amazing journey is the journey itself.?

You don?t want to miss all the adventure has for you just because you are so focused on the goal. How much more joy and happiness would you be able to receive if you enjoyed the beautiful scenery all along the way.

Sure, you might take a bit longer to get where you?re going, but how much better will the journey be. How much more will the relationships benefit from taking it a bit slower and embracing where you are right now, instead of where you want to be.

Oh, I?m NOT saying that you should not stay 100% focused on where you want to go, you?ll never achieve anything of importance without a strong focus and determination. I?m am saying through, that some of the most incredible moments are found along the way in places and spaces we least expect them.

Relationships are never built without investment, investment in those around you can never be made without stopping to give a few hugs, shake some hands, take in some views, and learn to enjoy ?being on the way? to where you want to be.

Make sure you take a bit of time to stop and take in the view every now and then.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Always take a moment and enjoy the view

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