You know the type. Stylish, confident, well spoken, good posture, motivating, captivating, high energy, even contagious energy.

I love little trails early in the morning.

This kind of person is often powerful, often successful, often well trusted by everyone they come in contact with, the qualities they hold are desirable, they are good qualities too, nothing wrong with them at all.

Don?t let the polished glam fool you. Not everything is always at it appears.?

Some of the most trusted people I have ever met fit the description above, trustworthy to the core, amazing, honest individuals that have that special juice to get something done.

Some of the most UNtrustworthy people I have ever met fit the description above as well, snakes to be sure. Unethical, manipulative, and self-serving. Real ?wolf in sheep’s clothing situation.?

They fool a lot of people; sometimes they even fool themselves. They pronounce they are doing this or that for the good of others, for the good of the company. ?Everything I have done, I have done for the good of?? blah blah blah.

The trouble is they convince so many; their words are woven together in a way that sounds so darn convincing. Like the sirens from the old sea tales, you can?t listen to the words, you will be deceived.

What then, trust no one??

You’ll never get too far if you don?t learn to trust.?

It’s not about trusting no one; it’s about trusting more but, with discernment. Regan said it best ?Trust but verify.? You have to trust, you have to believe in others to make big stuff happen. You?ll NEVER get as far running solo, you just won?t. You need others; people need people, businesses need people, founders need co-founders. No one person has all the skills and gifts.

I have learned a lot over the years, I?ve been burned and burned badly, but you know what, I?ve also learned that it doesn?t matter if you’ve been burned, you still need to trust, you still need to push yourself to have the tough relationships that will make the difference in the long run.

It?s not easy, in fact, it?s darn hard, and you?re gonna get burned, you just are, but you know what. It?s worth the risk to do things you couldn?t do on your own, to make an impact, build a business, grow a non-profit in a way that simply couldn?t be done on your own.

You might be the person that needs to trust more, if you then do it, take the risk trust more, believe in the good in people.

You might be the person that actually needs to trust less, be cautious, still take risks, but do so with your eyes fully open.

Either way, you?ll need to step out and do it, step out and take the risk, do something amazing, and do it with someone else, in the end, you?ll not regret it.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Appearances often disguise true character.

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