Life is a journey. Life is a collection of events that create memories. Good or bad, our experiences burn memories into our brains of what we have lived through.

My daughter Maggie took a nice shot of me getting a nice shot.???Oregon Coast

The reality is negative experiences have a way of creating stronger memories than positive experiences.

Life is what you make of it.?

There will be good times and bad times, easy times, and challenging times. However, if you don?t make a point to remember those good times, the positive moments, the beautiful memories made with friends and family, negativity will overshadow the thoughts of your past. Too much of negativity and you?ll start to think of your whole life in a dark, dingy, and discouraging light.

Document the good, journal what you learn, take pictures of people and events that inspire your imagination and creativity.

When I travel, I buy very few ?things? to take back with me. I do spend a lot of effort to capture pictures and videos. Images with people, selfies, portraits, playful shots and funny little videos of new things discovered and the adventures we experience.

Capture memories as they happen, record little slices of time that are so easily forgotten, yet so defining. You don?t want to miss them, you don?t want to forget them.

A lifetime of moments captured and memories documented is a very precious thing.

You can learn a lot from sifting through old boxes with faded pictures with tattered corners.

But you can?t, and you won?t, if you don?t first capture the memories.

So often we forget to take that picture, write that journal entry, or video that moment. Once the slice of time passes, it passes forever. You can and never will get it back, not a single second of life can be relived.

Purposefully record while you can, document life and look back on it often. You will never regret it. You will never fill too many memory cards, hard drives, or photo albums. It will feel inconvenient, and even silly; you might be criticized for being ?that guy? that?s always taking pictures, do it anyway, because you know what, you will NEVER regret it.

Always, always capture memories.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Capture memories

My daughter took this picture of me last week. We work hard documenting life, adventures, history.

Making memories is far more valuable than acquiring things.

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