Go with the flow.
Don?t make waves.
Don?t rock the boat.
Keep the status quo.

My son Owen (13) is always challenging me, I’m teaching him to challenge the status quo, seek truth, and never settle.

We are told our entire lives to keep things “same same.” Don?t rock the boat.

We spend millions in our companies to even train on the subject. Sensitivity training, de-escalation training, basically do not mess with how things are. Keep the “same same.”

Keep your head down, do what you can to make as little noise as possible as little negative impact as possible, don?t freaking cause trouble.

Sometimes trouble needs to be caused.?

Sometimes action needs to be taken, at times the world is waiting for just the right moment, for YOU to do something that upsets the status quo.

There are times when those efforts are looked at as ?Bad? Sometimes those kind of efforts ARE bad.

Don?t get me wrong, I have seen plenty of harmful ?movements.? Now more than ever in our politically charged world it?s happening ALL THE TIME. There are LOT of BS movements and people trying to upset what?s normal.

But, sometimes, that counterculture energy IS needed. Sometimes someone needs to be brave enough to overcome the fear and make some action happen. No one wants to be the first one, fear ‘s too big for most, but there are some of us that are called, that are gifted, that are made to be disruptors.

It?s been an interesting journey in my professional career. I have been building businesses working in them and working on them for 22 years now, and I have found myself again and again in the same seat. In the seat of action. In the seat of difficult but necessary conversations. I have found myself being ?the one? that needs to make the call, have the tough talk, to tell the people that what they hoped for wouldn?t happen.

My wife and I have joked over the years with my apparent calling to be the “designated ass hole.” The guy that would have to be the one to break the hard news, the news that no one else was strong enough to share.

In all seriousness, being the designated ass hole is actually a real thing, I mean it?s not a typical job title, but in every organization there usually emerges 1 person that has the compassion AND balls, to tell the truth regardless of how bad it hurts.

It?s hard, VERY VERY hard, because to do it right, you can?t just break the bad news. You have to care about the people, you have to care about the relationship, you have to care about the organization but you have to care about what?s right enough to realize that even though the news that needs to be delivered, or the decision that needs to be made will hurt in the short term, in the long term it?s the best for everyone.

This is so hard, so many people can?t do it, they literally can?t tell the person what they need to be told. I have helped many organizations with this problem. I?m always shocked when the leadership is not willing to make the tough calls. To fire the person that needs to be fired because they are ?too close? or the relationship goes back ?too far.?

Part of being a leader is being able to make these tough calls, part of running an organization is to have the ?juice? needed to do what?s best for the organization, but to do it in a way that still cares for the individual. Being the designated ass hole doesn?t mean you have actually BE an ass hole.

Leadership is a very hard row to hoe, it?s not for the weak for sure, and it?s not for the merciless. It?s for very small few that have what it takes to both love and care for people and put them first, while at the same time making the tough calls, breaking the bad news, or firing that person you really care about, because it?s the right thing to do.

I have seen leaders that are unwilling to fire someone because of the fear of how they would react because of a long relationship but in doing so sign the death warrant of the organization which means they are just going to lose their job in the end anyway.

It?s hard, but it?s important. I would challenge you if you?re a leader to take a long hard look at your decisions, your justifications, evaluate why you do what you do, you might find if you?re like most that you’re avoiding many things that need to be done out of fear.

It might be time to man up and do what needs to be done.?

If that?s you, make sure you do take those actions, but you take them in love. People are fragile; they have real feelings, it?s important to always remember that, while still doing what?s right for your position of leadership.

Good luck my friend.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BSd5bDCj7DH/?taken-by=chrisbehnke

Challenge the status quo

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