Fear is a powerful thing.

Whether you want to believe it or not, fear controls most of us most of the time.

It was fear that prevented you from talking to that person you needed to talk to.

It was fear that caused you to doubt your ability to accomplish the dream.

It was fear that made you stop BEFORE you should have stopped.

It was fear that made you NOT stop when you should have.

It was fear that held you back from asking for that promotion.

It was fear that prevented you from starting that company.

It was fear that stopped you from dialing the number.

It was fear that kept you silent when you needed to say something.

It was fear that?

The strong bony fingers of fear are far too often wrapped tightly around our throats. Long sharp nasty fingernails are digging into our necks. We can almost feel Fear?s grip tighten as we consider saying what needs to be said, do doing what needs to be done.

So we don’t, we stop, we pause, we shake in our boots. Fear’s grip tightens, and our will weakens.

Right and wrong seem to become a little fuzzier as fear squeezes our throats, tightening its grip enough to block off the air supply of truth.

It’s those times when a few shake off the fear and do take action anyway.

Regardless of the consequences, they rise up and say what needs to be said, they do what needs to be done, they look fear right in the eye, “get your nasty bony finders off my neck, I will NO longer be controlled by you” they proclaim as they push fear aside and march on doing what they know deep in their heart is right.

Sing as you’ve never sung, laugh like you’ve never laughed, and dance like you’ve never danced.

What do you really have to lose, honestly, at the end of the day most regrets are regrets of inaction. Regrets of not doing what they should when they should have.

You really learn who you are when you break free from fear.

You can only learn your dance moves when you actually dance. Unless you stand up and bravely walk out onto the dance floor, you’ll never discover who you are. You can only find the truth of who you are when you are experiencing life, wholly, without fear pushing you down.

It’s time to pick up the phone and call them. It’s time to write the book you need to write. It’s time to start the company you need to start. It’s time to quit the job you need to quit. It’s time to move to the city you need to move to.

It’s time to dance.

It’s time for you to dance as only you can, it’s time to discover what that dance is, and embrace it, it’s you, it’s beautiful, and it’s needed.

Fear is a liar, get up, and see what God made you for.

Suit Up

~Chris Behnke

Inspiration for this “micro post” from the Instagram post from Instagram account: @chrisbehnke

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