Are you ready for what?s gonna be required?

My son Sawyer (10) Co-Piloting with me in the Cessna over Central Oregon

Are you up to the challenge? Have you prepared? Are you being honest with yourself?

You?re gonna face a lot of complicated, challenging, unplanned for stressful situations in life. If you?re older than 5 you already know this to be true.

It?s just a mess. Life is, Even the best-laid plans are full of potholes, confusions and frustrating events.

How will you get through?

Nothing can entirely prepare you for what lies ahead. There are no classes, there are no books, there are no clever tips that fix all the issues you?re gonna face; RAW determination is often the only way to survive.


What separates the successful CEOs from the unsuccessful? What separates the successful marriages from the failures?


Without relentless determination very few opportunities will be realized, very few relationships will last, very few businesses will succeed.

Wow, it?s freaking hard though, isn?t it?

I mean there are times when it just feels like there is no possible way to make it through, there?s no possible way reach the end.


Determination is your key differentiator, it?s your secret weapon. When others quit, YOU keep going. When everyone else is telling you to give up, YOU keep going. When you know deep inside, that you want just to stop, and no one would blame you if you did give up. When the temptation is greatest to stop and right in front of your face… Keep going.

I don?t know what your ?thing? is, but you do; you know exactly the challenges you are facing right now that seem like they might actually be too much to handle. Now is the time to keep pressing on, even to the point where it?s unreasonable to keep going.

It will be hard, maybe even the hardest things you have ever done, but keep going.

Determination will overcome.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Determination will overcome.

My son Sawyer (9) grabbing a quick selfie while co-piloting the #cessna

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