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“Me toos? That?s what they are. A whole world full of ?me toos?

So few people are willing to do their own thing, to be their own person.

So few people actually know who they really are, even if they didn?t want to copy the rest of the world and do their own thing, they don?t know what their own thing is.?

I often find it humorous watching the really young people work so hard to be ?unique? while simultaneously doing everything possible to ?fit in? and look the same as everyone else.

Their efforts are ironic to be sure. ?You are unique, you are special, you are different.? They tell each other, as they desperately make sure their selfies perfectly display they are hip to all the latest trends, styles, and designs.

It?s important to stay relevant, to understand the popular culture, to be aware and speak into the trends and topics that people are dealing with and care about. It?s also important to develop a keen awareness of the larger ?longer? trends that very few pay any attention to at all.

Think about it, even our federal government, the largest ?business? on earth, charged with protecting the well-being of our entire nation, arguably the whole world (although I personally think the government should focus on our own issues only) works in 2-year, maybe 4-year cycles. Virtually NO one in government is thinking about the long term strategy, at best they are looking 12 – 18 months out, before its campaign campaign campaign.

How foolish is this? Do we honestly think that the best way to run trillions of dollar affecting millions of people is by making plans that are tied directly to the popularity of votes, and probabilities of re-election?

It?s asinine.?

What about good old fashioned morals, vision, and personal tastes.

What about someone knowing who ?they? were as a person, and owning it, I mean it, really owning who they are.

It?s almost gone nowadays, and that?s really sad and discouraging.

It?s time that we took back our own identity. It?s time we believed MORE about what we think, and less about what others are going to think.

It?s time we stopped letting popular culture dictate our view of ourselves, and our decisions making processes.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Don’t let the common culture cloud your vision.

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