There are times when you need to do what you need to do.

What is that you say? What is it I need to do?

Beautiful day, sun shining, spending time with @elyse_cinnamint walking and talking about everything and nothing.

Well only you can answer that for yourself, but changes are pretty good you know what that ?thing? is. It might be making a tough choice to apologize to that person you need to call. It might be taking the next step on getting that degree you know you need to go for. It might be starting a new business, it might be starting that book. It might be FINISHING that book, it might be taking the next step on realizing your dream.

It?s easy to come up with excuses. It?s easy to tell yourself that you don?t have the right pieces in place. It?s easy to say the journey is long, or the road doesn?t cross the river right here, you know the spot where you need to cross.

So often in life we know we need to go, we sometimes even know ?where? we need to go. There are times when we can actually ?see? where we need to go just across the river.

There?s no bridge though.The journey is hard, we might get wet, our little raft might sink while we are crossing, and we might just lose everything we have in the rushing water.

You know what, no one ever got to where they were trying to go without the risk of getting wet, without forging a river that was scary, swift, cold, and wide.

Think about all the people that have crossed before you, they chose to take the risk; they chose to venture out into the cold dark night. They were lonely and scarred just like you, but you know what, they freaking went anyway. You know what else. The reached the other side, and yea they did get wet, somethings their rafts did sink, but they did it anyway.

So should you? So should you?

Don?t let the lack of bridged be your excuse, get on that raft and paddle for all your worth, paddle across that river before your opportunity passes and never comes again.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Don’t let the lack of bridges be your excuse.

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