What do you expect.

What do you expect from today, tomorrow, next week, this year, next year?

#craterlake is in of my favorite places so much beauty

Do you even know?

Have you even taken the time to think through where you want to go?

If someone looked at your day to day actions would they come to the conclusion you?re headed in the direction you say you?re headed?

So much of success, so much of happiness and joy is a mind game. It?s a mindset. Of course there are real circumstances that radically alter your day to day life, but for most, the concept of ?being happy and satisfied? with their life depends on their own personal outlook and mindset.

Have you ever met someone that truly loved life and was filled with joy, but looking at the outside in had a pretty hard life, one that many would despise?

I look at things a bit differently. I look at each day, even if the odds are against it as an opportunity for something amazing to happen. Not just looking at it like it ?could? happen, but eagerly anticipating that it will happen.

Imagine what that?s like. What if every single day you woke up, and you EXPECTED amazingness, you just believed it would be, you had faith that the events that would transpire that day would lead to amazing thing after amazing thing. How would you do things differently, how would your language change, if you were SURE the day would turn out great, and incredible things were afoot.

You would talk differently, you would walk differently, you would do different things, go different places, feel different feelings.

Brother, it works, your mindset and how you approach everyday life matters GREATLY to the outcome of your day to day life. Now before you get all fired up to tell me I?m a nut, I want to be clear, MANY DAYS WILL SUCK just the same. I?m not implying that ?feeling? like good stuff will happen will ?cause? good stuff to happen.

I AM saying that they way you look at the future, the way you think, talk, and act. The way you make decisions is largely based on your attitude and optimism, and if YOU are focused on something amazing, your actions are much more likely to bring that outcome about.

It?s just a fact, if you?re always sure the worst will happen, you?ll do things to likely bring that about, and if you?re sure the best will happen you?ll do things to likely bring that about.

It?s not going to be easy, but just try it, start getting up each day, eagerly anticipating amazingness and watch what happens.

You?ll be glad you did.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BRj_7fmjak8/?taken-by=chrisbehnke

Eagerly anticipating amazingness.

#craterlake is in of my favorite places so much beauty

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