It’s always astounding to me as I work with people how often they tell me their life patterns and how they spend time.

Crescent Lake in Central Oregon.

Here’s what I have found talking with what I’ll call the typical 20 something wanna be an entrepreneur.

– Get up around 8 or 9 eat breakfast out, or skip it.
– Go to favorite coffee shop around 10 and “work for a few hours.”
– Eat lunch, run errands, relax, do some planning, or ??
– Work a bit more from another coffee shop from 3 – 4 or so
– Eat out again, maybe with some friends, grab a beer, and hang.
– Maybe get home around 9:00 or so, watch a few hours of Netflix, check emails and social and head to bed around midnight.
– Can anyone honestly look at that schedule, that list of priorities, and expect anything exceptional to come from it? I mean, sleep in, work a bit here or there, eat out most of the time, watch a lot of TV. Really?

Yet it?s true, and not only is it true, but it?s the dream of many young people. To have the freedom to kinda work a bit here or there, and just drift through life, living for the weekend, living for the travel, living for? Well, what really are you living for?

Don?t get me wrong, I enjoy a every flexible work schedule, sometimes I?m working from different places, doing different things. I too enjoy traveling and find that some of the most inspirational and motivational times come from travel. However, I have spent years learning how to make the most of every second of every day. I get up early and work as hard and as efficient as possible, and I check myself daily sometimes to make sure what I?m spending my time on is purposeful and on point.

It?s about accountability; it?s about ensuring each and every person takes the time needed to know why they do what they do and holds themselves accountable to actually ?DO? those things.

I have had periods of my life where I wasn?t all that productive on a daily basis. I?m sure you have too, most have never actually had a time when they WERE highly focused and efficient.

I think it?s time that we pivot a bit culturally; I think it?s time we started to value hard work, frugalness, and purpose with more gravity. Maybe you agree maybe you don?t.

Let me end by asking you this, if you did what you do most days for the rest of your life, where do you expect you will end up? Are you waiting for the magical lottery ticket, or are you headed firmly down a path you have chosen on purpose?


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Early mornings; your opportunity to get started on the right foot, get ahead of all the “sleepers”

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One thought on “Early mornings; your opportunity to get started on the right foot, get ahead of all the “sleepers.”

  1. Robert says:

    I love getting up early after reading The Miracle Morning. I am a single dad so getting up early to work on myself is gold.

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