Friendships can be complicated. They can be stressful, difficult, and discouraging. So, many just don?t try to develop them.

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At least they don?t try to develop deep and meaningful ones.

The best friendships are the old ones, the long-lasting ones, the simple ones, the ones that you know will be there for you no matter what.

They don?t have to be overcomplicated, they don?t have to be mutually beneficial, they don?t have to be built on commonalities, they are what they are, and that?s enough.

Those old lifelong friendships that grow richer and richer with every year. Those relationships that pick up with a phone call after not speaking for a long time, right where they left off.

Give yourself permission to enjoy those friendships, Invest in them, cherish them, and whatever you do, don?t take them for granted.


Chris Behnke

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Embrace the joy found in simple pleasures and old friends.

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