Sometimes we find it when we least expect it. Sometimes it hits us in the most unlikely situations or brief moments in time.

Enjoying an incredible day snowshoeing with my daughter Maggie & her friend.


People often equate joy and happiness.?

They are different for sure, happiness is simply the ?state of being happy.? it?s situational, it?s built upon the current circumstances and the context of what?s happening in your environment. Joy, however, is deeper than that. Joy is something that can be found in the midst of trying times, even found during periods of unhappiness.

Joy can be elusive, it?s more complex, it?s more nuanced.?

Joy is often found in simple things when it?s not being pursued, and it?s least expected.

Joy found in the laughter of children.
Joy found in the smile of a stranger.
Joy found in the slow conversation with a real friend.
Joy found in a beautiful sunset.
Joy found in the brisk quiet morning.
Joy found in the subtle glances of your lover.
Joy found in the simplest of things.

So often we are too busy to embrace the joy when we stumble upon it. We are too wrapped up in our 100 miles and hour 24 x 7 culture to stop, smell the roses, and embrace the joy.

We need more joy in the world. YOU need more joy in your life.

What brings you joy? Why aren?t you doing more of that?

You?re too busy you say, you don?t have enough time, energy or money, you say.

Why? Does all that ?other stuff? really matter? Does it bring you joy or the occasional momentary happiness, Will you look back 15 years from now and be glad, or sad of how you spent all that time and money.

Slow down a bit, take a deep breath or two, and embrace the joy you find in the simple things of life.


Chris Behnke

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Embrace the unexpected joy from the simple things.
Life can bring such amazing joy if your willing to look, and willing to celebrate the little things. Fun snowshoeing trip with my daughter @elyse_cinnamint and her friend.
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