You have something amazing to offer the world, so do it baby.

Headed to the mountains with my son for a little adventure.

I believe we each have opportunities in life that if we realized, if we took them we could change the world. If we took the right actions, and made the right decisions we could literally change the world.

Think of the real world changes, the men and women through history that changed the face of how humans lived, worked, communicated, and expressed themselves.

All those people, were just that, people, JUST LIKE YOU, just like me.

I think too often we are a bit different than what we perceive the rest of the world to be, and rather than embrace who we are, we ignore it, and do our best to conform with the world, and neglect who we really are.

WHY DO WE DO THAT? Why do we sacrifice the uniqueness of ourselves, our special talents and gifts and creativity and squelch them, suppress them, run from them.


Fear plain and simple. Fear of not fitting in, fear of rejection, fear of trying and failing.


It?s sad but true, and the cold reality of this paralyzing fear means that most of us will NEVER do what we could do, never solve the problems we could solve, we?ll never grow the way we could, and be as wise as we should.

We?ll never make the impact we are supposed to make because we just can?t bear to deal with the fear.

I hope you?ll be different. I hope if you’re reading this micro post that it compels you to decide right now to take a different path, to take life by the balls and make things happen.

Yea, you might fail, yea, I know it?s scary, but too bad, deal with it. You NEED to get past the fear for your sake, you need to get past it for our sake too.

What do ya say? Is it time to get over your fears and jump in with both feet?

Let?s do it!


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Embrace who you are; never be ashamed or scared of yourself. You have something amazing to offer the world, so do it baby.

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