One thing about everyone?s life that?s common. The great differences of our experiences.

@alicebehnke looking amazing as always while out on the #straightofgeorgia in #canada

We are all going through it at different speeds, in different places, with different privileges, in different contexts, with different situations.

We make different choices.

We live very very different lives and experiences.

Experience is the teacher of wisdom. Not all wisdom is common; not all wisdom is the same. Not all wisdom applies to all people in all situations.

Often I see people desperately try to emulate someone they feel has ?arrived,? or someone who has achieved success, or material wealth. Or even someone who seems to have great joy and happiness.

In an effort to emulate what they see, they emulate their actions, their words, they try to recreate what they love and admire about that individual through their own life.

It?s great to emulate the wonderful qualities we admire in others, but there is nothing more powerful than our own experiences to shape who we are as a person.

Those experiences both bad and good will always have a radical impact on who you are.

They just will, regardless of how you may try and alter that reality.

Embrace the wisdom that comes from life?s experiences, good and bad. Listen carefully to the world around you and learn from it. Embrace it, even the worst of times have much to teach, but only if you?re really willing to listen.

Are you listening?


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Embrace wisdom from life’s experiences.

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