There are many with great ideas, amazing business plans, fully capitalized financial backing, a solid team, and NO chance of success.

It so often comes down to the founder’s endurance.

Beautiful mountains in the Canadian backcountry.

Business is brutal, starting a business even more so. It all looks easy sketched out on a napkin over a late dinner. However, the reality of building a business is far more difficult and far more demanding than the spreadsheets and bubble charts will ever show.

A lack of needed endurance is the cause for most startup failures. Not all of course, but most.

Usually, companies are started with incredible ideas, brilliant founders, co-founders, and employees.

The idea gets off the ground, things are exciting, promising, everything is headed down the right track.

Until something doesn’t work, a pivot is needed and little energy and momentum is lost. A competitor launches a new product causing doubt in your ability to compete in the space, a little energy and momentum is lost. A key staff member leaves the company, a little energy and moment is lost. Bad feedback from a client, a little energy and moment is lost. That client quits your service and goes with the competition, a little energy and moment is lost. You miss your sales numbers for the 6th month in a row, a little energy and moment is lost. Your operational expenses are higher than expected, a little energy and moment is lost.

It goes on and on. It’s harder than you thought, your people are looking right at you, and you’re determined to not let your fear show through your determination.

This is where most fall short. They slip, slow down, loose energy and momentum, the team sees it, the clients see it, the investors see it.

What’s needed is endurance, good old fashioned sticktoitiveness and more of it than what is reasonable, more of it than anyone would expect, and certainly more than you ever thought possible.

You started a business, which really means you’re running a marathon at a sprinting pace. It’s brutal, but it’s also an opportunity for advantage, you can turn your ability to persevere when others quit into your new edge.

Push through, don’t give up, and leverage your ability to give more than what’s reasonable, and MORE than your competition. Endurance is your differentiator, endurance is underrated.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Endurance is underrated.
In business there are a few things that are often overlooked, true grit and endurance are usually missed.
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One thought on “Endurance is underrated

  1. Bob Sanders says:

    I know in my business and life endurance has always been a "make or break" kind of factor. So critical, thanks for the reminder!

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