A few years ago I spent 6 months and got my private pilot?s license. One of the best decisions I have ever made.

Final approach at KBDN in Central Oregon

No, I?m not going to become a professional pilot, I just love flying. I love the freedom of being in the air, in command of my own destiny, going where I want and seeing what I want. I love the freedom of getting up in the morning and asking myself ?where should we go today,? then heading off to the airport and just going.

Learning to fly taught me a lot about life. It?s amazing to me how many things that I have learned in flying are also great lessons for business or life. Flying is about safety, it?s about not trusting your gut so much, but trusting the plan, trusting the training, trusting the checklists. It?s about remaining calm regardless of the situation around you. It?s about paying attention to everything and never, I mean NEVER missing the details. It?s about planning and planning for the worse case scenarios and always expecting they might just happen.

Business is just like flying. It?s important to plan, it?s important to pay attention to the details, it?s important to understand the dangers of the takeoff, flight, and landing, but at the end of the day, just like landing an airplane; business is about finesse and dealing with what comes at you the entire time, without ever losing confidence or deviating from the plan.

With flying, every single landing is different, every single turn to final will bring a unique organic landing experience with just the right touch and finesse you?ll get the plane on the ground. No two are the same, instinct, training, and finesse gets you on the ground.

Just like business.

No two are the same, even two firms that “are” the same are not the same. People, markets, timing, competition all play a role in shaping the experience needed to ?get the plane on the ground.?

When you “turn final” make sure you?ve checked and doubled checked everything and you?ll do just fine whether you’re landing a Cessna or landing a big contract, you better not miss the details.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Ensure you’ve always checked and double checked before your approach. True in business, life, and flying!

Final #approach runway 16 in #bendoregonKBDN

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