The other day I had a conversation with someone about life and business. They asked me how I was able to accomplish so much, and what they themselves could do to get more done.

Amazing pre-dawn hikes with my older kids are incredible. It’s never too early (or too late) to go #adventuring

I asked them two questions that told me just about everything I needed to know.

1st. I asked them what they could do to get another 10 or 20 hours to do something new and amazing. Their response what spot on typical, ?20 hours, are you nuts! I?m already swamped!? ?I don?t know how I could find 2 hours a week let alone 20 hours.?

I smiled and asked them what they of the new TV shows that were out this season. There response was so typical and so telling. ?Game of Thrones is always so good, love the show, not sure if the Seahawks are going to be able to do it this year, but I hope so?

?Hmm, 2nd question, what is it you would want to do if you could magically find another 10 or 20 hours a week?? ?Oh Chris, I don?t even know man, something cool, maybe start a new business, or do work for a non-profit in a 3rd world country.?

?Ok, look here?s the deal, I’m guessing you have at LEAST 20 hours you could get if you were to make a few small changes in your schedule, you might have to make a few sacrifices that frankly will help you long term anyway, but I think you can easily carve out another 20 hours in your schedule, but you shouldn?t not until you know what the purpose of it would be. You need to know WHAT you want to do and WHY. If you don?t know your ?why? you might as well just not even try.? I explained.

We live in a world built on purpose to distract you, cause you to be dissatisfied with your life, so you?ll feel sorry for yourself, relinquish control, and spend money and remain complacent.

Sound a little harsh? Yea, well it?s not, it?s spot on true.

?Look, I said, if you decide what you?d do with that 20 hours, and it was something you are really passionate about, you could get that 20 OR MORE hours simply by cutting out some of the extra decade weight time waste stuff in your life, The extra crap you don?t need. If you combine cutting out ALL TV and getting up 1 hour earlier than normal, you?re going to have PLENTY of time to accomplish a lot, but if you don?t have a purpose for that time, you might as well keep watching GoT because you’re just drifting through life without any purpose anyway.

I might sound like a hard ass, I know, but the truth hurts a bit sometimes. The average person in America watches about 6 hours of TV PER DAY. If you?re reading this you probably watch a bit less than that average, but rest assured unless you?re pretty odd you are wasting a lot of time on this worthless activity alone!

To make matters worse most don?t even know what they would do with the time if they had it. They want more time, they love the romantic idea of having more time and doing something amazing, but frankly they don?t have a clue what they would do if they had the time.

Look, I know what a lot of you are saying? ?Chris, I just watch a little, at night to unwind.?

To that I would say you should actually HONESTLY time yourself for 4 weeks. See what?s really true.

The honest brutal reality for 99% is that they waste crap loads of time doing worthless garbage and don?t have a purpose to live for anyway!

If that?s not you bravo. If that IS you, you better ask yourself if you?re gonna regret anything when your 80 on your deathbed about how you lived your life, and if you think you might, then you better turn off that stupid boob tube, and start living your life with a little purpose and a whole lot more self respect.

If I just offended you, then fine, stop following me, and don?t worry about it. Otherwise, maybe it?s time you take a hard look at the way you spend your days and nights.

Good luck!


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Envision what could be.

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