We live in an increasingly busy world. A world where “doing doing doing” is rewarded, and anyone perceived as not “doing” is looked down upon. Even when we are resting ?we are doing.?

A glorious evening on Tumalo Creek in Bend Oregon

It?s not ?ok? to just sit and do nothing but think, we have to DO something. We fill every vacant second of our lives with one more thing to accomplish, one more goal to achieve.

Why? To what end? What is so important about all the stuff that we seem to have an unquenchable need to do?

Why are we compelled to compete in the game of social media?

It?s time we stopped and smelled the roses. It’s time we slowed down a bit and watched the world around us. It?s time we took a bit more care and paid a bit more attention to the people we care most about. It?s time we took the time to stop, think, and ponder about life all its mysteries, and all its wonder.

?Yea Chris, that all sounds great? you say, ?but I?m just in a season of life when that?s simply not possible, I mean I wish I could, I really do, but you don?t know my life and all I have going on right now, it?s just not realistic.?

To which I would respond, you’re wrong 100% wrong; you make time for what?s important. You ?waste? time on the things you want to ?waste time on.? Are there days even weeks where there is simply no margin at all? Sure for some people, occasionally, but it?s rare, VERY rare.

Most can cut out a lot a LOT.?

How much time do you spend a day watching TV, Netflix, Sports??

Most spend hours a day on average and before you tell me how you ?don?t watch that much tv,? use a stopwatch for two weeks, you?ll probably make yourself sick when you realize just how much you DO watch.

How much time do you spend commuting to your job? If it?s a lot look at taking the bus or the train, you can work, read, or just think while someone else does the driving. Look to see if you can leave earlier or later and miss the slow traffic.

How much time do you spend on the internet, on Facebook, on Instagram? Most people lie to themselves about how much time they do spend surfing social media.

What about those games, candy crush, clash of clans, FarmVille? How much?

How much time to do spend doing yard work, cleaning the house, or doing other tasks such as these that can be outsourced?

My guess is if you’re honest with yourself, REALLY honest you?ll find a good 10+ hours a week that you could spend with the people that matter most. Go on a walk with your kids or your spouse instead of watching House of Cards. Leave for work early and come home early and make homemade ice cream with your children. Skip the football game and just sit out in the backyard and spend time thinking.

Every so often time just seems to stand still. Those moments are rare, they are beautiful, and most miss them even when they do arrive. It?s probably time you take a hard look at how you spend your time. If you were consulting or coaching yourself, what would you tell yourself about the time you currently spend?

It?s worth it to take a hard look at yourself, and what you do every day, it?s worth it to be truly honest with yourself. It might not be what you want to hear, but trust me, you want to be ready for those incredible magical, elusive moments of time, the ones that just seem to stand still while the world spins around you.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BQJ4iXRg4Kq/?taken-by=chrisbehnke

Every so often time seems to stand still.

Embrace those moments.

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