Do you believe it?

Do you believe all the doubt fear tells you? All the nasty subtle things fear whispers into your ear?

Beautiful Sunset in Ireland, one of my favorite places!

Fear is a nasty bastard, a tricky foe. Fear creeps in when you least expect it. Fear comes and talks so convincingly even the strongest, even the most confident often believe the lies.

But they are lies you know. All the little things that fear tells you.


Of course there are no guarantees you will succeed, I?m not saying that, success is hard, freaking hard, requires a ton of hard work, patience, tenacity, and a bit of luck, so yea, you might not succeed, but Fear, the dirty little sneak is bound and determined to convince you that you?ll certainly fail before you even really begin.

?You?re not good enough, smart enough, young enough, thin enough, white enough, black enough, strong enough, brave enough, pretty enough… You?re just not.? Said Fear.

?I am!? You retort. ?Oh really, who would believe in you, you don?t have what it takes, you don?t even freaking believe in yourself, ha! You?re a freaking job brother. Get a clue, save us all the embarrassment, just give up now.? Fears silver tongue spins such a convincing argument.

Do not listen. Fear would have you believe all the things you wish most not to be true. They aren?t true. You?re human, which means you?re not perfect, but you know what, you are amazing, you do have talent, and you just might have what it takes to succeed. You just might have what it takes to reach the highest you know you?re called to reach, the dreams you know your called to achieve.

But, you?ll never get there if you listen to that nasty snake Fear.

See you have a choice to make, it?s a choice you?re gonna have to make over and over through life. You can listen to Fear, you can believe the lies he is telling you, it?s actually the easy path because if Fear is right you really should give up right now and save yourself the trouble.


You can believe in yourself, you can believe in your own value, you can believe that you were created ON purpose WITH purpose. Maybe it?s time to turned towards fear and confronted him head-on.

Look Fear right in the eye, and boldly tell him as Richard Branson once said: ?Screw it, let?s do it.?

Then confidently turn on your heels, don?t look back, and go change the world.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Fight hard to remove doubt and fear

Sun about to set on a beautiful day in Ireland. Took this shot a few years ago; that entire trip with beautiful @alicebehnke was a great lesson in removing doubt and fear.

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