It?s been said that if you do what you love you?ll never have to work a day in your life!

I?ll agree that statement is a bit cliche, but the core of the message is spot on. The truth is that many of us slug out each day doing sucky work we hate. We live our lives for the weekend, for the escape. We live in a way in which we sacrifice the majority of our best time doing things we absolutely hate.

I?m not talking about struggling through some of the crap needed to make anything work. There will always be difficult times, trying seasons, parts of every job suck.

Chris Behnke working in the woods on a laptop :-)I?m not talking about those times and situation. I?m talking about those of us that go every day to a job they hate, live in a house they can?t stand, and spend time with people that drag them down.

Life is too darn short.

Quit that job, and do something different. Even if you make less money, DO IT. What good is the money if your life sucks while earning it.

?You don?t understand, I have a house payment, credit cards, car loans, I can?t just quit my job.?

True, you can?t just ignore your responsibilities.

Ask yourself this though, what actions are you taking to rectify your situation? Are you taking steps to change your situation, or just complaining about it. Are you doing something or just feeling sorry for yourself?

You might need to do some work before you make the change, but start that today.

Get yourself into a less expensive house, sell those cars and get something without a loan, pay off the credit cards. It?s time you made some life choices that will HELP you reach your goals that will propel you towards the life you want instead of hinder you.

I can?t do it for you though, your actions = your results.

Start today, start taking those actions today, stop making excuses and live the life you want.


Chris Behnke

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Find something you love, your passion, something that drives you; do that every day, and you?ll never have to ?work? again.

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