What is your life built on?

What is the ?lens? that you look at everything ?through.?

Building something that will last requires a firm well designed foundation. It doesn?t matter if you?re building a pyramid, skyscraper, house, or a?life.

The Foundation is the most important part of building something that will last, building something that will endure the hard storms of life. 

Too many people drift through life unaware of their foundation. Unaware of why they exist, yet frustrated with the life they have. They spend their weekends wishing they had a different life, a ?better? life. 

Trouble is they have really no idea what kind of life they really want. They just know they want a ?different? one, a ?better? one.

This is often a lack of a foundation OR the wrong foundation.

What kind of foundation is your ?life? built on?

Is your life built on a strong foundation that will empower you to weather the storm, will you be able to last?

If not, don?t let that become your excuse for not living the life you want. It?s NEVER too late to change your outlook, it?s never too late to change your life and put the right foundation in place. 

It will require hard work. You might need to get some education, you might need to develop new skills, you might need to do some hard ?soul searching?, you might need to find God for the very first time. 

You might need to do something totally new, totally hard, and totally amazing. 

Or, you could just keep drifting??

Be sure the choice is yours, but don?t complain that you want a ?better life? if you?re not willing to get off your butt and make the life you want happen.

Time to get that foundation needed in place so you can have the life you want.

Suit Up

~Chris Behnke

Inspiration for this ?micro post? from the instagram post from instagram account: @chrisbehnke

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