It?s a funny thing you know, gratitude, an emotion, a feeling?

A quick google search for the definition gets you:

?The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.?

Hmm, I like that, ?the quality of being thankful.? That?s such a great way of putting it. It?s not about just being thankful, thankfulness comes and goes with the emotion. But the ?quality? of being thankful, that is something entirely different.

It?s something to think about, something to dwell upon, even dare I say, something to strive for. The quality of being thankful is akin to the ?character of being thankful? it?s a way of life, a way of being, the lens through which you choose to view the world.

Take for example Sally, she looks at her life and says ?I?m underprivileged, I?m disadvantaged if I only had this or had that, if things were fair, if life itself was fair, then I would be able to succeed, I would be able to do great things?

Sally?s thinking is the prevalent way of thinking, it?s like a sick race to the bottom, who ?had it worse than the next? A perfect, and perfectly justifiable excuse for a life of drifting, a life without accomplishment or fulfillment.

Then there is the gratitude way, the ?quality of thankfulness? way. Where being thankful is itself built into the way of thinking.

Bob, for example, looks at life much differently. Bob says ?I?ve had hard times, but I have opportunities before me, I?ve failed before, but I?ve learned from my mistakes, I don?t have the advantages of others, but that?s caused me to be strong and fight harder, I will take my disadvantage and leverage it on my own behalf, I will not use my own circumstance as an excuse.?

Both are correct, both are accurate views of life, one, however, will result in accomplishment and impact, one will not. A spirit of gratitude will not guarantee success, but the lack of it, will almost for sure result in failure.

Who are you, Bob or Sally?


Chris Behnke

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Gratitude is most often realized with consistent daily reflection.

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