It?s fashionable these days to spend time each day focused on gratitude. #gratitude is becoming a popular hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Are there enough moments of stillness in your life?

This is a good thing; there are very few things that make the struggles of life better and easier to deal with than getting in the habit of thinking through what you have to be grateful for.

When was the last time you spent actual time, no really, real-time thinking about all the things in your life that are good, all the things you have to be thankful for?

It?s so easy to get focused on what?s not working in life.

Gosh, I?m with you, there?s always a LOT that seems to be going poorly. Sickness, struggles, not enough money, it might be relationships, business deals, or just simple envy and dissatisfaction.

Life pretty much NEVER goes the way you hope.

People stab you in the back; deals fall through, stocks don?t go up, your pipes start leaking right when you don?t have the money to fix them.

Often, it pretty much sucks.

But you know what. There are always things to be grateful for.

“You don’t know Chris, my life is much harder than yours, I have real problems, real struggles, and right now I’m very alone.”

You’re right; I don’t know your life, it very well might be more difficult than mine, then again, it might not. It doesn’t matter, “hardness of life” is all relative, and regardless of where you are, there is always something to be grateful for.

Some days it might be darn hard to see those things, but trust me they are there.

Take some time; maybe you?re out of practice, you need to block off a few hours to just go for a long walk and think about your life and what?s going ?good? in it. When things get hard and heavy, and downright crappy; sometimes this simple practice is the only way I make it through.

Take some time this week, go for a walk by yourself, don?t listen to any music or anything and just spend time thinking about your life, and everything that?s going well. Ignore the nasty negative thoughts as they creep in and focus on the stuff that?s going well, the relationships that you love, and the things about yourself you enjoy.

Sometimes the only way to find those things to be grateful for is in moments of stillness.

Do it, do it this week, do it tomorrow, You?ll be glad you did.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Gratitude often rises to awareness in moments of stillness.

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