I just want to be happy.

You just want to be happy.

I love road trips, the joy of spending time with those that matter most, and finding happiness in surprising little adventures.

We all are seeking, all striving for happiness.

Some of us try and buy it, some of us try and earn it, some of us just whine and complain how we don?t have it, some of us attach it to a person, a fleeting feeling, possession, status, money or power.

Happiness doesn?t work that way, at least not real joyful happiness that’s deep and meaningful. The kind that keeps you warm when it?s cold and puts a smile on your face just because.

Happiness is something that comes easiest when we don?t make it a goal. When we take of off the list of ?need to gets? and realize it is what it is.

It?s elusive when made a goal.

Happiness is best achieved with the contentment and understanding of life looking through the lens of purpose and meaning.

Do you know why you?re here? Really, do you have a purpose in your life? If someone was to look at the words you spoke, the internet searches you searched, and the things you spent your time and money one, what conclusion would they draw about your purpose?

Find your purpose, embrace it, live it, have faith in it, and find your happiness.

Or don?t you can keep trying to buy it or live it, but in the end, you?ll miss it altogether.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BRyW9VKji73/?taken-by=chrisbehnke

Happiness is most elusive when made into a goal.

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