There are currently about 7 billion people living today, about 107 billion (give or take a few billion) that have ever lived.

That is A LOT of people.


And every single one of them has loved, lived, struggled, triumphed and lost.


Maggie taking in the view of Central OregonNot one of them got a free pass through this world. Not one.

Life has a funny way of getting the best OR getting the worst out of people. It has a way of stretching you, sometimes so thin you?re not sure how you?re gonna even make it.

Some don?t make it, some cave, some give in and give up, and fall short of what they could be of where they could go.

Some do make it, some don?t cave, they meet the obstacles life throws at them head on and despite stumbling and falling they get back up. They look difficultes straight on and kick ass regardless of how much fear they feel.

Those that press on are the difference makers, they are the ones that change the world for the better, they’re the ones that don?t apologize for making a mess. They don?t blame others for their lot in life, they take what they have and use it to the best of their abilities.

They aren?t looking for a free pass, they aren?t making an excuse, they simply accept what they have and leverage it to become what they must and do what they should.

They have fears same as you, but they take it they hold it, and they fight it.

Your life will not be easy, it will be fraught with snares and troubles, but how you handle those stumbling blocks will make all the difference.

Hold on tight baby, it?s an exciting bumpy ride.


Chris Behnke

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Hold on tight.

Life has a way of getting to you. A way of stretching you, stretching you so thin you?re sure at any moment your entire existence might tear in two.

Hold on tight.

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