I was never a big fan of history.

One of the last few B17s was in #bend last week I got to see it up close while doing my preflight on my tiny Cessna 172!

I always felt that history was boring and non-relevant. It felt silly to learn about the past, learn about people that were dead long ago, learn about events from cultures so distant and so different than my own.

It?s incredible how wrong that was.

What better way to learn about the present than study of the past. What better way to prevent the mistakes of our past, but looking at and learning from the past.

Over the last 20 years I have really grown to love history, it has, as they say, came alive to me. I have learned that history does indeed ?repeat itself.?

We aren?t all that different than our ancestors.

Take away our high-speed internet, our fancy smartphones, and 200 channels of cable TV and a lot of what we deal with, a lot of the raw emotion of everyday life is very similar to what we have dealt with for centuries.

Look at the past, civilizations built on greed, power, money, sex?. Yea, pretty much like the headlines of today.

Why are we so blind to the mistakes of our past? Why do we try so hard to ?be different? to ?be better? to ?do good,? but as a society, as a culture, we do just the same crap decade after decade?

As a population group, as a mass of people, this is very hard to change. This kind of behavior is simply our nature, human nature. Humans are inherently greedy, nasty, selfish beings. Frankly, we?re kind of sucky.

On the individual level though, great change can happen. YOU as a person, can read about, you can learn about, you can study others, their mistakes, their wisdom, and you can take it on as your own. YOU can see the past and change yourself.

After all, for the most part, that?s all you have control of anyway, yourself.

In the last few years, I have really loved digging into history; it?s been amazing to study the distant past, as well as the recent past, as well as many different kinds of leaders. Try and learn what they learned, try to understand their reasons for their actions and apply that to my own life.

It?s been amazing, and I?m really just getting started, how about you? Have you studied the past, do you know why we?re here right now, in our present situation locally, nationally, globally?

Have you read about and learned from the people of the past that have so much to teach?

Maybe it?s time you purposefully chose to benefit yourself from all the rich history, our current place in time affords us.

Maybe take the high-speed internet, and put it to better use than streaming Game of Thrones and Cat Videos on YouTube.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:


Improving the future requires diligent study of the past.

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